Sospiri Giorgia

Sospiri Giorgia

Eye 51 DBL 17 Temple 140

Acetate/Daniel Swarovski Crystals

Handmade in Italy

  • More Color Descriptions

    • Limited edition NRC Black with multi colored crystals and pink laserwork
    • NRV Black with rose gold, light peach and gold crystals and bronze laserwork
    • 075A Plum cherry fade with amethyst, rose gold and orange-pink crystals
    • NR Black with clear and light chrome crystals and silver laserwork
    • 079 Gradient brown with smoked topaz and light peach crystals and gold laserwork
    • 989 Translucent pink with light rose, alabaster and rose gold crystals and pink laserwork
    • 743 Translucent purple front with emerald adn amethyst crystals and transluscent green temples
    • 882 Translucent grey with light chrome crystals and silver laserwork
    • 260 Translucent blue with sapphire and topaz crystals and silver laserwork
    • 186 Striped brown front and horn temples with smoked topaz and gold crystals and brown laserwork
    • NRB Black with sapphire and metallic blue crystals and blue laserwork