Sospiri Diletta

Sospiri Diletta

Eye 55 DBL 15 Temple 140

Acetate/Daniel Swarovski Crystals

Handmade in Italy

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    More Colors:

    • NRO Matte black with clear chrome and black crystals
    • NRG Black with metallic gold and light topaz crystals and gold studs
    • NRC Black with fuchsia, violet, peridot and sapphire crystals and gold studs
    • 627 Tortoise with gold and light topaz crystals and gold studs
    • 370 Burgundy with clear, amethyst and light rose crystals and silver studs
    • 186 Striped brown front and horn temples with topaz and god studs
    • 260 Translicent blue with blue and tanzanite crystals and silver studs
    • BW Black front and white temples with clear and silver studs
    • NRV Black with rose gold and light peach crystals and bronze studs
    • 882 Translucent grey with clear and light chrome crystals