Sospiri Cora

Sospiri Cora

Eye 55 DBL 15 Temple 140

Acetate/Daniel Swarovksi Crystals

Handmade in Italy

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    Color Options:

    • NR Black with clear and light chrome crystals
    • 260A Blue with amethyst and tanzanite crystals
    • 627A Tortoise wtih topaz and smoked crystals and yellow gold laserwork
    • NRB Black with metallic blue crystals
    • NRN Black with black crystals
    • NRV Black with rose gold and light peach crystals
    • 749 Transluscent golden honey with light peach and light topaz crystals and gold laserwork
    • 255 Transluscent amber with smoked topaz crystals and gold laserwork
    • 882 Transluscent grey with light chrome crystals and silver laserwork
    • 906 Transluscent green with erinite green crystals
    • NRE Black with emerald green crystals and green laserwork