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Oh! G Lens Cleaner 2oz.

Oh! G Lens Cleaner 2oz.

Refillable  Plastic 2 oz bottle 

Spray button with cap




  • About Oh G! Lens Cleaner

    • SAFE FOR ALL GLASS SURFACES – Ultra Clarity’s nanotechnology powered formula, designed for the most sensitive eyeglass lenses, is safe on all lenses and electronic screens. This 10-piece kit comes with 2 travel size 2oz sprays, a 6oz spray, 2 6oz refills, and also 5 fine microfiber cloths.
    • NEUTRAL & BALANCED FORMULA – The solution starts doing the hard work the second it touches your optic surface or screen. Moreover, it is pH neutral, silicone-free, and fluorine-free, which means safe and gentle cleaning for all your items.
    • NO STREAKS – Say goodbye to oils, dust, dirt, fingerprints, and make-up. Just wipe and enjoy clear, streak-free glass – your eyewear will look BRAND NEW again. Perfect for all optic surfaces, electronic screens, and glass. Also ideal on coated surfaces such as non-glare and anti-reflective lenses.
    • DILIGENTLY MADE IN AMERICA – We proudly and diligently manufacture our Ultra Clarity Lens Cleaner in Metro Detroit, Michigan and ensure the highest quality standard and hygiene. The Ultra Clarity Lens Cleaner Line-up has been trusted by opticians and eyewear professionals for over 35 years.