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One Glance is all it takes to get Noticed

Limited Edition Luxury Eyewear

In 2001, Glance tapped uncharted territory, launching the area's only true optical boutique, with a focus on providing fashion eyewear with an upscale sensibility.  "Sometimes you have to go against the grain, against what you are told, and parlay your instincts into what you believe". Glance has defined luxury eyewear and established eyewear as part of a lifestyle, not a necessity.
For the style setters or the simply fashionable, Glance caters to the customer who wants the very best. With a product that combines singular design with unparalleled artisanship and a store that makes shopping a sensuous and intimate affair, Glance raises the bar when it comes to creating and selling eyewear with no compromises. Dovetailing technical expertise and fashion, Glance employs a highly trained, nationally licensed sales staff plugged into the fashion scene and educated about frame and lens construction.

Lens prescriptions electronically transfer from Glance eyewear gallery to high-tech, full-service labs around the country. This innovative technology ensures that frame and lenses result in eyewear that looks great and fits perfectly.

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